Welcome to the online version of my notebook.  This is where I store material I’ve built up over the years to support my RPG campaigns … mostly Traveller, but there’s some other stuff too. Use the Topics menu to start.

These notes were originally called StuffOnline and were just a bunch of static HTML pages hosted as part of my other site, TRISEN.COM.  As they grew in number, I upgraded to custom ASP ‘classic’.  Now I’m moving it all here and giving it a much needed clean up … fixing typos, removing links to defunct websites, etc.  (The Big Map was dropped as it has long since been superseded by TRAVELLERMAP.COM.)

While I am the author of most of the content, some has been graciously contributed by others, and I’ve tried to indicate that where appropriate.

Anyway … enjoy, and Bon Voyage.

My name is Peter L.S. Trevor (aka Hemdian).

I was born in England but now live in beautiful British Columbia (Canada) … land of bears and deer, water of orcas and salmon, and artists of every stripe.  I have a career in software development, working for major corporations in banking, engineering, and the travel industry.  And when I’m not playing tabletop RPGs with friends, I’m either writing space opera fiction or watching SF shows (such as Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Stargate).